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Our Philosophy
Governance failure has continued to undermine development in most of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria. This manifests in ineffectiveness and ...
Our Vision & Mission
A world-class and highly reputable institution for the advancement and understanding of theory, practice and policy of Governance and a reference ...
Our Core Values
The achievement of the above expressed/stated philosophy and objectives can only take place within certain ideas here described as core values. They are: ...
Our Mandate
Our activities revolve around three major areas. These are: Teaching/Training, Research and Community Service

Recent News

Consider Nigerians voting with their feet

The rapidly approaching 2023 elections have generated a modicum of excitement despite the fact that voting has never changed much in our political evolution. The Independent National Electoral Commission, which apparently has upped its game, has projected that 95 million Nigerians will vote come next year. To be sure, insecurity still poses a big hurdle […]

Queen Elizabeth II’s death and celebration of soft power

One of the reasons for beaming a comparative searchlight on the fortunes, travails and vicissitudes of other nations is that, for those who care, they show examples or best practices of how developing nations should best evolve. This is not to say, as modernisation theorists once assumed, that all nations should travel the same road […]

Will 2023 arrest our trust crunch?

One of the major characteristics of our polity is what is increasingly described as a trust crunch. It is conceived as the fading of trust between citizens and government as well as between citizens themselves. It is not that the trust meltdown, especially as it affects politicians, the political system and governmental institutions is anything […]